6+6 Ajò Sardegna

Italy's grand tour event returns to Sardinia

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Two 600km ACP Patents valid as PBP qualifiers and as a 1200km BRI patent
April 27 to 30, 2023
Registration opens on 11/28/2022
at 12:00 AM (CET)
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Brevetto Sud
588 km con 6549 m/disl+
Partenza: giovedì 27 aprile ore 6.00 da Dorgali
Tempo massimo: 40 ore con arrivi a Dorgali entro le ore 22:00 di venerdì 28 aprile

Brevetto Nord
590 km con 6769 m/disl+
Partenza: sabato 29 aprile ore 7.00 da Dorgali
Tempo massimo: 40 ore con arrivi a Dorgali entro le ore 23.00 di domenica 30 aprile

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With the major international event, which will kick off from Dorgali on April 27, 2023, "the Italy of the Grand Tour," an evocative journey through the beauty and traditions of Sardinia, will begin again. A randonnée event that will feature cyclists from all over the world who, like the young scions of the European aristocracy, artists and men of culture of the 16th and 17th centuries, still look to Italy today as the favorite destination for their knowledge and the pleasure of escapism.
The 6+6 Ajò builds on the great success and experience gained from the "6+6 Islands" held in 2019 with two routes designed in Sardinia and Sicily. The evolution of the IGT format led to the recognition of two distinct patents: the historic "Sicilia no stop" and the "6+6 Ajò in Sardinia."
The two routes in the land of Sardinia, both about 600 km long, will allow cyclists to get acquainted with a culture with very strong identity traits and with the different realities of a unique island, capable of offering landscape views of an unexpected variety, history and ancient traditions. Unlike the previous edition, not only the coast, but also the hinterland, will be the protagonists of a journey that is unique and...repeatable.Bike Rando is the entity that is taking care, as in the past, of every planning and operational detail using for the purpose the knowledge and institutional, voluntary and private realities present in Sardinia and this starting with Sardinia Ride.